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Concise C.V. of Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Mosallam Sulieman Al-Harithi



1. Ed. M. Teachers College Colombia University  NY  USA, 1984

2. M.Ed. in curriculum & educational foundation. JordanUniversity, 1981

3. Diploma of education. JordanUniversity, 1977

4. B. Sc. in physics Tehran University , 1964

 5. M. Sc. in physics Tehran University , 1965

6. Diploma in Curriculum Planning for Developing Countries. Institute of EducationLondon UniversityUK. 1982  

 7. Diploma in Educational Technology CETO Institute London UK. 1968




  1. Director of Project for producing audio-visual aids for rural education, which was held with cooperation between MOE and UNISCO in the Years 1986-1987.
  2. Director of Arab project for producing audio-visual aids for environmental education. Witch was held between MOE and ALECSO in the period between 1985-1987.
  3. Director of the Leadership seminar on Desertification of environment in 1993 in Jordan with the co-operation of UNESCO.
  4. Producing tens of TV Educational Programs in physics.
  5. Head of seminar for developing Science Education with the cooperation of West Germany and MOE in 1987.
  6. Participating in Curriculum Planning in Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman.
  7. Head of Several Training Courses in Educational Leadership, Educational Supervision and Teacher Education.
  8. Author and Co-author of many Books.
  9. Conducting several Educational Researches both in Arabic and in English Language.
  10. Participating in several conferences as a representative of Jordan at International level.
  11. Member of several Associations.

Professions in Saudi Arabia


1.Educational Consultant, Al-Rowad Educational Est. 2005- Now.

     - General Director of Academic Affairs in Al-Rowad Schools,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.2005- Now


2. Ministry Of Education (MOE) –Chief of Experts for Curriculum Development:

After retirement from MOE in Jordan, I joined my job eventually in MOE Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I beard several responsibilities, the following are among them:

  - General Supervisor of Thinking Development Project MOE,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  .2003-2004

     - Consultant and Head of Development and Design Division in Saudi Pioneering Schools Project. 2001- 2003

  - Executive Director of Educational Development Project in MOE in Saudi   Arabia 1998 – 2000

  - Chief of experts for Educational Development in Educational Development Center in MOE,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  since 1996 – 1998

Professions in Jordan

  1. Deputy General Secretary of Ministry of Education in Jordan 1993-1996.
  2. General Director for Cultural Affairs and Educational Information in MOE in Jordan 1992-1993.
  3. General Director of Curriculum and Educational Technology in MOE in Jordan 1990-1992.
  4. Educational chancellor in Jordan Embassy in Kuwait 1987-1990.
  5. Director of Educational Technology and Computer assisted instruction 1986-1987.
  6. Head of Curriculum and Supervision Division in MOE 1981-1983.
  7. Head of Science Division in MOE Jordan 1978-1981.
  8. Supervisor of Teacher Training Center for science - MOE 1975-1978.
  9. Supervisor of science Curriculum in MOE, Jordan 1972-1975.
  10. Physics Instructor in the Royal Military College, Jordan 1969- 1972
  11. Head of Educational TV Division in MOE,  Jordan 1968 - 1969
  12. Physics Instructor in AL-Hussein College in Amman, Jordan 1965-1967.

Publications/ Articles


1 – Author of more than 23 books in Arabic in Curriculum Development, science, Thinking Development, Physics, and Staff Development

2 –Research:

a – Research in Arabic language:

* Effect of physics teachers understanding of science nature on their teaching behavior. Master thesis, Jordan University, Amman, Jordan. 1981

* Theoretical Study to Define the  Role of Teacher in Arabic Islamic Culture. Al Albeit Institution Amman, Jordan. 1989.

* A Field Study to Discovering Teaching Problems in Secondary Schools in Riyadh Area. MOE Saudi Arabia, 1997.

* Designing an Integrated curriculum for enhancing creative thinking and Applying it in a limited number of schools in Riyadh. MOE Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2002.

* Head of a study teem to develop the educational process in Saudi Universities under the supervision of Research Centre in King Fahd University for Petroleum & Minerals, as part of Aafaaq Project carried by MOHE in Saudi Arabia.2006 - 2008.

* Head of a study teem to develop the Quality of Education in Arabic States in the Gulf area, funded by Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2007- 2009.

b – Research in English language:

-Developing a program for In-service Education of Science Supervisors in Jordan, Doctoral Dissertation, Teachers College – Columbia University, NY, USA 1985.

-Teachers Understanding of Curriculum Aims. School Science    Review, Jun 1993, 74 (269).

-Improving the Quality of A National Curriculum, The Role of Textbooks Published in Aspects of Educational and Training Technology, Volume XXVE; 1993

- Are the Books Meeting the Reform Objectives for Basic Education? MOE Amman Jordan, 1992


   -Association of Physics Teachers , Amman Jordan.

   -Arab Network for Open & Distant Education. Amman Jordan

   - Islamic Research & Study Society Amman Jordan

   -Jordanian Society for Preventing Pollution Amman Jordan

   -Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development(ASCD) ,Alexandria, VA USA.

   -Arab Union for Science Clubs, Tunis, TONISIA.


     عداد الزوار